Robot with Shotgun

BloodCon Universe

BloodCon is a warrior universe, prophetically exploring absolute love on a backdrop of revenge, where bloodlust, civility and ancient desire collide.

We are developing comic books under this brand. Novels and screenplays are also in development.


Experience the apocalypse in 5D, as a gladiator in BloodCon's underground game of WarTrek!

WarTrek is a live-action, tactical sport presided over by the Gamemaster.  Fans battle for rank and prestige in masked, cosplay competitions!  Seize territory!  Find loot!  Rescue hostages and defend the borders!


We've planned 1400+ annual consumer interfaces - on-site, online and on smart TVs.  Contact us about your exclusive sponsorship of these exciting games!


We also have marketing opportunities in multi-genre movies, video series, comics, novels & curriculum!  Exclusivity is renewable.

BloodCon TV

Get eyes on your project!


BloodCon TV is a 24-hour sci-fi and martial arts television and streaming channel on the Roku platform  We offer independent futurism and fight content, including digital comics, all in one place on your smart tv!

Our independent shows are available in North & South America, the UK, Ireland and France. Our reach is global on your smart phone.

Learn more about placing your short film, feature film, episodic series or digital comic in our programming schedule.


(In the order of their attachment)

* Madwerkz Studios (Post-Production)

   Joddy Matthews - USA

* A More Fabulous You (Costume Design)

   Lisa Tatum - USA

* Makeup Maven (Make-up Artist)

   Donatelle Mascari - USA


(In the order of their attachment)

* Rob Diggy Music (Composer)

   Robert Morrison - USA

* Richard Shaw (Stunt Coordinator)


* Khadifa Wong (Director)