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The Telharesha Company is an interactive film and media corporation, producing the majestic stories of more than 2,000 ethnic groups - their saturating cultures, exotic lands, ancient histories and glorious achievements!

In 2019, we recruited art professionals who believe in our blueprint for domination in martial arts, sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy and dramatic history. Our work is inspired by the persistence of Oscar Micheaux in the U.S.; the oral relays of Africa's griot jalis and the flaming distillations of Hebrew prophets in the East.

BloodCon is our primary IP in development. It's an immersive, sci-fi franchise that uses the lens of a warrior universe to explore the evil good; the nature of war, government and power. The aesthetics of indigenous majesty, design, wordsmithing and musical composition converge in penetrating comic books, novels, graphic novels, movies, a board game, a live-action game, curriculum and other education deliverables and merchandise for this brand.

Financial sponsors preserve our unique sound and the competitiveness of our bold brands: Telharesha, BloodCon, Jerusalem and more. Competitiveness includes driving our own sales, marketing and distribution. Co-brand with our inception by contacting us today!

Robot Wars

Comic Book Slate

104 titles (13 series) planned

Graphic Novel Slate

13 graphic novel titles - TBA

Novel Slate

13 sci-fi novels; 1st - How To Start A War

Comic Book Movie Slate

2 comic book movies; Jerusalem is a character spinoff and kids' tv series.

Movie Slate

Planned movies in various genres: horror, war, martial arts action, drama and historical epics.

Curriculum Slate

We're developing curriculum to accompany our movies and themes. Some publication will have video series.

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