The Telharesha Company

The Resistance

In an apocalyptic quagmire, a band of bastard royals navigate the perils of ancient prophecies, a lost kingdom, supernatural coups and the evil good.


DIE...A...LEGEND! Fund the Ibri revolt on planet Adamah, where turf wars are exploding!  Warlords invent new weapons and territories. Human trafficking is the vice of choice; and Saxet State is barreling toward a triple apocalypse.  Adamah will burn; and there are plenty of champions to lead in blood!

The BloodCon Universe franchise is a saga of would be royals, compelled to protect their reign in a land of no thrones. It is a high concept, science fiction, martial arts warrior-verse sure to recruit and captivate you with every word, ideology and image.

JOIN OUR RANKS! Standoffs and wars will rage for generations. Each time you send cash, battle reinforcements reach the frontlines of the resistance. Don't warm the bench! Use the pay tags below to donate often, advance your rank and take your place in this epic chronicle. Want to be part of this story? Declare your allegiance!

Immediate Goal: $160,000.

CashApp: $Telharesha

PayPal: telharesha@live.com

Future Punk
Flames Character

ROGUES ($35)

Unsigned, full-color print of BloodCon's protagonist + the sci-fi novel How To Start A War.

1 backer


protagonist print + How To Start A War + a 1st issue comic book: An Excellent Sacrifice + a surprise peak into the gladiators' nightmare

0 backers


Damascus art poster + the novel How To Start A War + the 1st issue comic book: An Excellent Sacrifice + map

0 backers

ROYALISTS ($1,500)

Damascus art print + poster + How To Start A War + our 1st issue comic book: An Excellent Sacrifice + gladiator sports club membership

0 backers

LOYALISTS ($10,000)

Damascus art print + poster + How To Start A War + our 1st issue comic book: An Excellent Sacrifice + gladiator club membership + 12 subscription boxes for a year

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Great! You have a brand that's perfect for this heart-pounding journey! If you're an investor, we're looking for $4,000,000 - $205,120,000 for development, production, marketing and distribution. Call us.

If want to exclusively sponsor the entire BloodCon franchise as part of your company's marketing strategy, please call us.


You may also invest in or sponsor any one of our three brands: Telharesha; BloodCon or WarTrek. We are also able to further segment the opportunities by media type: movies, videos, games, comics and novels. Co-branding, product placement, marketing deliverables, ads, merchandising and event hosting are all available with/without exclusivity and renewability. Call us