The Storymaster: A Visionary

There's never been a moment in history in which we have not transmitted powerful accounts of our past experience, our present circumstances, our hopes, ambitions, victories and wisdom. From tribal elders to spiritual scribes, from griots to thespians, we were present then and we are present today. There is no narrative without us. We are the story.


I grew up on a diet of fiery rhetoric, parables, leathered Bibles, dusky newspapers and notebook paper, sci-fi novels and yummy ink fumes. I, eventually, illustrated, composed, sang, debated, apologized and wrote. I became a hidden peculiarity; and that peculiarity is now this company's unique voice. We will produce in many genres but we will never leave our story.

The Telharesha Company has taken great care in preparing a truly indie pipeline that distinguishes us from competitors; establishes us in the marketplace; complements the multi-sensory tapestry of our ability; and demonstrates what we know...what we have always known about ourselves. We are the ones you've been waiting for. We expect that you will soon join us in this this....ever-present truth.

Conserving the Peculiar Nativity,

Telhare'sha McAdoo, CEO

*A portion of our revenue funds civilian teams that rescue trafficked children.