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The Storymaster: A Visionary

Telhare’sha is a respected author, artisan, minister, educator and administrative strategist with over 25 years of organizational leadership experience.  Her fervency for robust intellect, spiritual discipline, autonomous governance and emotional literacy has made her a trailblazing operations director, instructor and lecturer.


Throughout her career of developing transformative education programs, she has fostered communications comprehension; critical thinking; precision in thought and polemics; as well as competent self-governance among her students.


Telhare’sha is an advocate for autonomous learning and systems, particularly micro-economies, nano-economies and atomic-economies.  She has honed her analytical skills conducting research, auditing operations and leading organizational policy & procedure.  She is a ministerial, family counselor and business advisor who is dedicated to revolutionizing lives through a wealth of wisdom, experience and mentoring.  She believes in the power of building and is constructing an immersive, narrative world that scales her galvanizing story of death-defying hope and the extraordinary pursuit of purpose.

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