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Out of many, ONE. Join the team!

One voice. One sound.

Is your work exceptional enough to form the voice of this Company? We are always seeking competitive talent to add to our team. Whether you're an industry veteran or a talented freshman, we'd like to assess your catalog or portfolio of work.


For employment consideration, please, submit your:

  1. music catalog

  2. art portfolio

  3. photographs

(if you're a photographer, costumer, make-up artist, actor and have pictures of your work)

  4. illustrations

  5. animations

  6. manuscripts (books)

  7. scripts (screenplays & stageplays)

  8. movies (shorts & features)

  9. teasers & trailers

10. articles and blogs

11. other broadcasts and podcasts

An optional cover letter, résumé, NDA or other documents may also accompany your employment inquiry.  APPLY

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