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BloodCon TV is 24-hour, science fiction and martial arts television on your smart tv!

Indie futurism and fight programming and streaming are right at your fingertips, right where you want them, including digital comics and audiobooks!

BloodCon TV takes its name from our BloodCon Universe brand - a world where warlords collide and champions rule. Toss your hat into the ring by displaying your battle content on BloodCon TV!



BloodCon TV provides a great opportunity to promote your market-ready content, product or service. We place your advertising content, sponsor content, fight films, stunts and martial arts training series, gaming and sports competitions and NFTs in the hands and homes of our loyal, innovative, athletic and tech-savvy audience.

In addition to our general marketing campaigns, each client media project is specifically promoted on our social media platforms. These promotions are at no extra charge and may take a variety of forms. Additional, low-cost marketing packages are available.  Compare our service to film festivals, galleries and other streaming networks.


If you want an additional avenue for marketing your content and it meets the quality standard for television, submit your completed film or video series for review. We accept non-exclusive content in these genres: sci-fi, martial arts, action, suspense, thriller or any combination of these. Do not submit work that contains lewd or obscene content.


Whether you're an advertiser, sponsor or content creator, call to discuss our rates prior to submitting your ad, motion graphic NFT, pilot or digital comic. Once your project is submitted, it will be reviewed for compatibility with our goals. When, a contract and invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

Please, have your legal counsel review the agreement. Sign each page. Return it to our office by e-mail or regular mail; and submit payment via your invoice. Once these are complete, your content will be accessible on BloodCon TV within 24 hours. You retain all rights to your content.

Customers and fans of BloodCon TV enjoy -

  • 24-hour television & streaming in North & South America, the UK, France and Ireland!

  • Digital comics!

  • Audiobooks!

  • Martial arts! Did we say martial arts?

  • Sci-fi! Oh, yeah!

  • Presence on millions of smart TVs and phones. We're in 4 out of 5 homes in the U.S.

  • Increase in brand recognition & site traffic.

  • Professional positioning for investors.

  • Free, online promotion of onboarded projects.

  • Low-cost, full service marketing packages.

How It Works

1. Read the Agreement.

2. Call us to discuss pricing.

3. Submit content for review.

4. If approved, submit payment.

5. Leave the rest to us!

Lewd or obscene content will not be accepted. Content that meets our highest standards will be accepted. Contact us with any questions.

Ads and Projects We Work With

1. Advertisements (family-friendly, 30 seconds)

2. Digital Comics

3. Audiobooks

4. Podcast Dramatizations

5. Gaming Streams

6. Short Films

7. Feature Films

8. Animation

9. Sports Competitions (athletic, tactical, hunting, gaming)

10. Video Series (tactical, martial arts training)

11. Web Series (sci-fi, martial arts, futurism, cyberpunk)

If you're unsure about your project's eligibility, contact us. We do not work with advertisers/sponsors that promote lewdness, smoking or pharmaceuticals.

Ideal Ad/Sponsorship Industries

- Sports

- Gaming

- Hunting

- Fishing

- Firearms

- Physical Training

- Tools/Equipment

- Automobiles

- Car Parts

- Electronics

- Apparel

- Men's Health

- Family

- ATVs, Motorcycles

- Bikes

- Cryptocurrency

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