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Join the fight and get eyes on your project!  BloodCon TV is a 24-hour sci-fi and martial arts television network on the Roku platform  We offer scheduled futurism and fight programming and streaming, including digital comics, all in one place on your smart tv!

BloodCon puts your war/fight movies, stunt web series, martial arts training video series and sports competitions into the hands and homes of a larger, proven loyal and passionate audience. In addition to our general marketing, each media project on our channel receives specific promoting.  Low-cost, small business marketing packages are also available to clients.  Compare our service to film festival services.

*No sex scenes, rape scenes, lewd or obscene content.

When you buy, you receive

  • 24-hour television & streaming globally!

  • Digital comics!

  • Martial arts! Did we say martial arts?

  • Sci-fi! Oh, yeah! Think Pacific Rim.

  • Link your website to our stream.

  • Presence on millions of smart TVs and phone.

  • Increase in brand recognition & site traffic.

  • Professional positioning for investor eyes.

  • Free, online promotion of your projects.

  • Low-cost, full service marketing packages.

Ads and Projects We Work With

1. Advertisements (family-friendly, 30 seconds)

2. Digital Comics (.mp4 - sci-fi, martial arts, futurism)

3. Gaming Streams

4. Movies (sci-fi, martial arts, futurism, cyberpunk)

5. Sports Competitions (athletic, tactical, hunting)

6. Video Series (tactical, martial arts training)

7. Web Series (sci-fi, martial arts, futurism, cyberpunk)

If you are unsure about your project's eligibility, contact us.

How It Works

1. Read the Agreement.

2. Submit content for review.

3. If approved, pay the invoice.

4. Leave the rest to us!

Lewd or obscene content will not be accepted. Content that meets our highest standards will be accepted. Contact us with any questions.

About Roku

- Available in the US, the UK and Canada

- In 4 out of 5 homes in America

- 46 million active accounts

- 54% of users don't have cable TV

- 14.8 billion streaming hours

This page is being updated with an Agreement. When you've read the agreement, submit your content for review to  If your project is accepted, you'll receive an invoice.



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